Guaicurus: de dentro pra fora

Plano de cul 67353

Por Joana Suarez. Denise Souza é belo-horizontina, mas só pisou na rua dos Guaicurus, no baixo-centro da capital mineira, recentemente, aos 39 anos de idade. Quem sabe da fama da rua deve supor que ela se tornou prostituta. Agora gosto de trabalhar com as meninas. A reforma de um conjunto de prédios antigos para abrigar a Justiça do Trabalho, próximo aos hotéis, também preocupa. Patrimônio histórico e cultural.

Mais Avaliados

This thesis aims to analyze the complexity of the international crime of trafficking in women for sexual exploitation, with special attention for the victim. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the environmental factors that drive the international trafficking in women, tracing data on the environmental, political and economic factors that favor the allurement of these women by traffickers and develop a special attention to the protection of victims from the perspective the Protocol supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children. In this context, it is vital to analyze this process from the perspective of international treaties, in particular the Additional Protocol mentioned above. Furthermore, the issue will be examined from the perspective of constitutional principles, since this crime violates human rights. In this monograph will be used the dialectical method, honoring the complexity of the global environment, deeply unequal, pointing advances, setbacks, limits and possibilities of coping, by countries that ratify the international protection instruments on human rights, and crime advance international trafficking in persons, focusing on trafficking in women. It will also be pointed to international legal cooperation as a possible solution to frente this problem. Nevertheless, it points out that, despite the interdisciplinarity of this monograph is not exhausted the subject, due to the complexity of the issue.

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