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Open Access OA agreements between consortia, libraries and smaller independent publishers are increasingly being used around the world, reflected by the growing number of published OA articles. On the other hand,…. The traditional double-blind assessment model of scientific articles has been challenged in the last two decades by the so-called preprint servers. However, there are still many concerns in the Social Sciences about what preprints are and what changes they bring to the traditional framework of scientific assessment and publication. In this mini class, we seek to answer these questions from the experience…. In contrast to a worldwide trend, in Brazilian elections the largest share of voters for the far right was registered among better-off citizens, not those left behind by economic modernization. This study also shows that, at odds with the conventional perspective expectations, the better educate did not reject authoritarian values or championed for diversity at the ballot boxes. Everything has been impacted… When it comes to science in the COVID pandemic, research involving humans has been in the spotlight, with greater exposure of its relevance and of the ethical challenges posed at the science and society interface, which has been heavily impacted….

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